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NJFishing.com's Fishing Trip Planner

We get questions all the time about when is the best time to go fishing... The answer is whenever you can! Fishing is great way to create lasting memories, make new friends, reacquaint yourself with your olds ones, or spend a relaxing day on the water to recharge your batteries. It is also said that "God does not subtract from one's time on earth the time spent fishing", so why not get out as soon and as often as you can?

If you are looking to plan a fishing trip or looking for up to the minute information to get out on NJ's water then you come to the right place... The articles and links below have everything you will need to either plan a trip in the future or check your local conditions before you head out.

Choose a Boat

Please click here for a list of New Jersey Charter Boats, which includes links to their sites and phone numbers.

Please click here for a list of New Jersey Party Boats, which includes links to their site and phone numbers.

Choose What To Fish For

Click here for a list of the most popular species to fish for and how to fish for them.

Click here to see which boats are fishing for what and when.

Get Up to the Minute Fishing Reports

Please click here to see up to the minute NJ fishing reports and what's biting where.

Get Current Conditions

Calendar of Fishing Events

Click here for a calendar of fishing events.

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NJ Fishing Lingo

ArrrrghProceeds any sentence started by a pirate
Arrrrgh MateySaying hello to a fellow pirate
Birds NestThe mess created when you cast a pole and you forget to thumb the spool of the reel
BluefishAlso known as Yellow Eyed Demon, Gator or juvenile ones are called Snapper
BoatA hole in the water into which you pour money
BowThe front of the boat
BunkerA bait fish used for Stripers or Bluesfish
Buoya floating object used to mark channel edges or obstructions on the water
CabinPart of the boat where you can get out of the weather
CaptainA person who is always right
ChumA mix of ground up fish dispensed in the water to attract larger fish
Doggiean endangered member of the Shark family hated by most fishermen
FlattyFluke or Flounder
FlukeAlso known as Flounder in South Jersey
Friend's BoatA hole in the water that you can avoid pouring your money into
GalleyKitchen on boat
HeadBathroom on boat
Holdingare you using enough sinker weight to stay in contact with the bottom
Honey HoleA secret spot known to hold fish that were likely to only be there yesterday
HookItem that is usually avoided by fish's mouth but always seems to find your hand or clothing
I'm inI have a fish on
JettyA stone wall that protrudes out into the water
Jigand lead headed hook that is usually tipped with and artificial bait that is bounced off the bottom
JiggingUsing your pole to bounce jigs off bottom or up and down in the water column
KeeperAny fish caught that is of legal size limit
KillieA small bait fish used for Fluke fishing
Leadera length of high quality low visibility line between your main line and hook or lure
Lureany artificial bait that is casted or trolled
LurkerSome who looks on a message board but never posts
MateA deck person who helps patrons fish and the Captain blames if they happen to be proven wrong
MongerSomeone who fishes for meat
MuggingWhen you catch a fish and someone muscles into your spot
Portleft side of boat
ReleaseAny fish thrown back to fight another day
RipAn area of confused water usually caused by the tide running over submerged structure
Rolled emYou had a fish on, got a few reels on it and lost it
Sandy Hook SandwichSquid and Killie
ShortAny fish caught that is under the size limit
SinkerLead piece put on your line to hold your bait down
SkunkedYou caught no fish
SquidBait that is cut up in slices or fished whole
Starboardright side of boat
SternThe back of the boat
Striped BassAKA Striper, Old Pajamas, Line Sider
Structureany abnormal break in an otherwise flat bottom
Trollingdragging lures behind boat a slow speed

For People New to Our Great Sport

For those of you who are new to fishing I wanted to take some time to explain the difference between Charter Boats and Party Boats. Both types of boats have their place, depending on your budget, the size of your group, if you don't mind sharing a boat and how far in advance you are planning a trip.

Party boats or "head boats" generally fish every day for a specific species on set schedules. Boats generally fish 1/2, 3/4 or full days. They charge per person or per "head" and prices vary depending on which species you are fishing for, as well as the length of time you will be fishing. These are open boats so no reservations or deposits are needed. You just show up and pay the fare. Bait and rigs are generally included in the cost of the trip and poles can be rented for a nominal fee if you don't have or bring your own. These boats are generally capable of handling 40 - 50 passengers, have mates to help you and some have galleys where you can buy food and beverages on board or you can bring your own...

Charter boats are reserved for a specific date and time and only for you and your group The timing of your trips, what you'd like to fish for and how long you want to stay out for are prearranged by you and the captain... Reservations and a deposit and generally required. If the trip is canceled due to weather, the captain will attempt to reschedule or refund your deposit. Most charter boats are licensed to carry up to 6 passengers, not including the captain and crew and there are some that are licensed to take more. Charter fees typically include bait, rigs and fishing poles and a mate. On some of the smaller charters the captain will be your mate as well...

There are some boats classified on this site as Party Boats that will sometimes charter to a large private group and some Charter Boats that will fish open, meaning that you will be fishing with anyone else who shows up that day. Whatever your choice, we have a wide variety of both types of boats on this site that are sure to fit your particular needs, budget and preferences and will cater to seasoned or novice fishermen as well as kids.

If you are looking for some specific suggestions for you and your group, please send an email to NJfishing@aol.com Let us know the size of your group, what time of year and what you want to go fishing for, as well as any preference you have as far as location and we will get back to you with some suggestions.

Some advise for first timers:
  • Mates work for tips and it's customary to tip 18 - 20% of the fare if you catch fish or not.
  • If you are fishing with others ask questions. Most people are more then happy to share their knowledge and show you the ropes. All you need to do is ask.
  • Fishing licenses are not needed if you are fishing in NJ's oceans, bays and tidal rivers.
  • Fishing licenses are required if you are over 16 years of age and fishing in NJ's non tidal lakes and rivers.
  • If you are fishing for Trout you need a trout stamp.
  • If you are fishing with kids then you:
    • Shouldn't plan too long of a day. 1/2 days are best.
    • Fish inshore to minimize the risk of sea sickness
    • Fish for what ever is going to provide the best action so kids stay interested (Fluke or Bluefish)
    • Bring plenty of food and water
    • Leave Nintendo Game Boys at home so you can spend some quality time with no distractions. And if you can't get them to, bring your smartphone so that you can play online poker or Angry Birds. Of course, this will not be much of a fishing trip.
    • Let the captain and mate know that you are new to fishing and they will take care of you
    • Make sure to put your kid in the betting pool. Pool money is collected at the beginning of the trip and given to the person who catches the largest fish. It makes it interesting and I can't tell how many trips that I have been on where a kid won the pool. The look on their face is worth it!