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Old 09-28-2017, 11:44 PM
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Default What's the story on

the Japanese spawned tsunami trash island now? Do we just forget about it & let it make it's slow circuit for years to come? It would be nice if ALL the Pacific Rim countries contributed to the elimination of the ocean current driven mess. Of course I feel Japan wouldn't contribute to any clean up-they just want to rape the oceans. (That is my personal view point, but then I'm a pre WW2 baby.) Everyone was up in arms after the fact but now it's old, old--oh, I'm sorry, it's not news & of no concern now--out of sight, out of mind--BULL YOU KNOW WHAT!!!! Let's send ALL the BFT's to them & give them free rein to "harvest" all the whales(for scientific research/study).....Chucky
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