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Old 01-28-2011, 09:00 AM
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Default Registry: What We've Been Told...

What We've Been Told & What We Can Do

We were told that a Conservation Lottery would fund the Free Saltwater Registry. We then reported that Hazel Gluck, former Executive Director of the New Jersey State Lottery said it wasn't practical.

We were told a Conservation License plate would fund the Free Saltwater Registry. We then reported our research found that it wouldn't even contribute $50,000 towards the $600,000 cost to fund the free registry.

We were told that federal Wallop-Breaux funds would pay for the registry. We then provided a letter from the person in charge of the federal program stating these funds can not be used for a free saltwater registry.

We were told that the Free Saltwater Registry bill was worked on for many years. We then reported that a fundamental aspect of the bill was overlooked -- it was mistakenly written as a regulation, possibly subjecting the registry unnecessarily to a lengthy delay while exposing people to a $15.00 federal fee.

We were told that using $600,000 from the existing Bureau Marine Fisheries budget would have minimal impact on its operations. We then reported the Bureau's actual budget and detailed how the Free Saltwater Registry might need to be paid for by cannibalizing fishery programs that are already critically underfunded

We were told that the Department of Environmental Protection has a swollen budget and can fund the Free Saltwater Registry, but it is reported regularly that the state faces a $10.7 billion budget deficit.

If there is a viable funding source readily available to fund the Free Saltwater Registry there was time to include it in the bill. Even our legislators, including sponsors of the bill, have said that they don't have a source for funding the free registry.

We can't say what the newest claim for funding might be, but the 23 council members of the NJOA CF aren't comfortable with relying on wishes and optimism. We'd prefer to determine the future of our fishing experiences for ourselves. The NJOA CF and its members are volunteers and our agenda does not compete with the need to increase our membership rolls so that we may pay for salaries. Instead, we are free to focus on our commitment to the stewardship of our natural resources.

If you feel the same, please contact the Governor and ask him to fund the Free Saltwater Registry. Regardless of what we've been told - this is something we can do. A letter has been written for you at the link that follows:


Members of NJOA Conservation Foundation.

Saltwater & Freshwater Angling Organizations

Jersey Coast Angler Association
Trout Unlimited
NJ Beach Buggy Association
Hudson River Fishermen's Association
Reef Rescue
Greater Point Pleasant Charter Boat Association
Jersey Coast Shark Anglers
Beach Haven Marlin & Tuna Club
Cape May Party and Charter Boat Association
Hi-Mar Striper Club
Fish Hawk's Saltwater Anglers Club
Round Valley Trout Association

Hunting & Trapping Organizations

New Jersey State Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs
United Bowhunters of NJ
NJ Trappers Association
National Wild Turkey Federation
Quail Unlimited
Ruffed Grouse Society

Forestry Organizations

New Jersey Forestry Association
Society of American Foresters

Animal Welfare Organizations

National Animal Interest Alliance

Diving Organizations

NJ Council of Divers

Conservation, Political, Environmental Stewardship Organizations

New Jersey Outdoor Alliance

Anthony P. Mauro, Sr

New Jersey Outdoor Alliance
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance Conservation Foundation
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance Environmental Projects

Join the NJOA, "Help us to help you ensure your outdoor freedoms!"____

JOIN NJOA: http://www.njoutdooralliance.org/support/njoa.html

Officers: Ed Markowski, Captain Pete Grimbilas, Jerry Natale, Len Wolgast, PhD., Anthony Mauro

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