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Old 10-02-2013, 06:11 AM
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Default Posting Photos From Android Phone

Great for posting real time fishing reports with photos from your phone. Not sure how to do this from Iphone but maybe someone here has figured that out and can make another post.

If you don't already have them, you will need to go the Google Play Store and download 2 apps. Google Chrome Browser and Reduce Photo Size. Google Chrome seems to behave the best when trying to accomplish this on a phone and Reduce Photo Size allows you to re size the photos so the files are small enough to be accepted by the message board.

Take a picture and save it to your phone. Don't worry about re sizing it for right now.

- Open Chrome and go to www.njfishing.com/forums and post as you normally would and click on Manage Attachments which will take you to the Manage Attachment screen.

- Under Upload File From Computer click on the grey Browse button and then choose Reduce Photo Size app.

- When the Reduce Photos Size app opens choose Select Image.

- You will then be asked to choose an action, choose the app where your photos are stored like Gallery, Drop Box, Quick Pic, etc... This will take you where your photos are stored.

- Find the photo you'd like to post, click on it and this will launch the Reduce Photo Size app again.

- Choose Reduce which will pop a menu and choose 640 x 360 VGA. This will take you back into Reduce Photo Size app and choose Done.

- Once you do this it will take you back to njfishing.com manage attachment screen, hit your back button to get back to where you typed in your post and hit submit.

Gerry Zagorski <><

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