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Old 03-02-2012, 08:06 AM
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Default Some Comments on Fluke

Having attended and spoken at the NJ Marine Fisheries Council meeting yesterday, I will share my thoughts on the outcomes.

All options presented are considered "conservationally equivalent", meaning that in a perfect world, all will result in the same recreational landings of fish (in pounds). The "perfect world" makes many assumptions, with the most critical of which being that "effort and availability will remain the same as the previous year". We all know this is not true. Weather will be different. Cost of fishing (fuel, etc.) will effect the trips we sail. Fish migration patterns will differ affecting the when and the where we can catch fish. Factor in to that the variability of MRFSS which is simply an estimating tool based on a sampling of less than 1% of the fishing effort/landings and it is quickly apparent why we can't ever catch "exactly" our target. For these reasons, we have no idea what MRFSS is going to spit out for rec landings irregardless of the regulations.

I will, however, put forth the following information which was the basis for my decision to speak on behalf of 17.5". I understand that many of the opinions express on this board and at the meeting yesterday come from avid highly successful fishermen whom enjoyed a great deal of success last year. I commend and respect you for that. Understand, however, that there are hundreds of thousands of other fishermen/women that do not enjoy the successes you have had.

1) We did NOT lose season. The 2012 season is 5 DAYS LONGER THAN LAST YEAR and is the LONGEST IN A NUMBER OF YEARS.

2) The highest reported landings according to MRFSS have historically come from the longest open seasons. If your season is open, MRFSS reports landings no matter the known availability of fish, weather, etc.

3) NY has become the poster child of the negative impacts of MRFSS when choosing to go with longest possible seasons by the use of higher minimum sizes. Most would agree that hasn't worked.

4) The NJ Marine Fisheries Council, as LAB posted, has been within a couple % over an extended period of our target landings. Their management mechanism of choice over this time span has been to use size as the primary management tool as opposed to always trying for the longest possible season. The decision yesterday to again manage by size instead of opting for the longest possible season is consistent with that history and will, hopefully, continue the trend of relative success managing to the target.

5) The technical committee of the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission composed of state biologists have stated time and time again that the best way to constrain harvest is through season. This decision is again consistent with that advice.

Again, I commend those of you "sharpies" that have enjoyed success at 18". You are the 10% that catch 90% of the fish as the saying goes. I understand and respect your position, but the decision passed down yesterday is consistent with the best information for constraining harvest to the target and will benefit many anglers giving them a better opportunity to harvest a fish to bring home.

Your mileage will vary on the above. Thanks to all whom have and continue to take the time to participate in the process.
Capt. Adam

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