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Default Re: D&R Canal South Bound Brook 1/19/19:

While I agree the Canal has been fished a little more in the past year, the fishing has been down for another reason.
As some may or may not know, the D&R was treated beginning a couple years ago for the invasive weed Hydrilla. I know it says that the treatment would not have a negative direct impact on the fish/wildlife but it has. Ever since treatment began there was a decline in vegetation each summer. This summer there was almost no grass/weeds that normally provide cover. I fish the canal almost daily since I live directly across the street from it. Have even lowered my gopro down for a look in places where previous years had sunnies surrounding it and pecking at the lens. Nothing! Even the pan fish bite has become very tough. I am hoping the toothie critters haven't decimated the populations since there was no place to hide!
And if I do see the short keepers, rest assured a call will be made to the CO's while they enjoy their swim!
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