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Old 04-12-2018, 01:00 PM
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Default dropped the ball...

Caught a few nice lakers the other day and also I started putting a side rod down with a filet of those stockie rainbows (finally found a use for them other than fertilizer haha)

Anyway I see a huge mark come up to it and swim away 3 times so i put my jig down and grabbed it...next time i saw it come in, i reeled it up away from it and it crushed me, bent the rod in half and SNAPPED my line.

Drag was set good, but I realized, in my rush getting ready the night before, I had grabbed this spare rod to put out for the day and never checked the line or leader...don't even know what lbs test the leader was honestly....what a stupid costly mistake...hopefully will save someone reading from doing the same.

Also had to fix my own camera timer button because Nikon didn't give a flying rats ass about helping me, so i won't be buying anymore Nikon product after this one and i'm just warning everyone i know...they don't stand behind their products. Good news is I shouldn't have to do these stupid selfies anymore haha.

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