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Default Re: Saturday 10/28 Raritan Bay Capsize

Wow. Nice video. Watched it a few times.

He came off the throttles as the following sea fit the stern. Watch. The boat stops and lets the sea come over transom and surf board the boat, broach and roll.

Also that bow seems very heavy. Boats ( excluding bow riders) are designed to have a light a bow area as possible to rise quickly into the oncoming sea.

Obviously staged. Not many video a boat sinking and then just continue videoing him as he swims back. Unless you really cant stand the guy in the boat. But does prove a point how quickly it can sink.

We have to wear PDF's on the tow boats virtually all the time. I've heard stories about taking a wave in the boat. Owner went to call a Mayday and the boat rolled over so fast it tore the VHF mike out of the owner's hand.

It's scary even when you "have an idea" because mechanical failures do happen too.

And experience only happens being in stuff you shouldn't be in. More than once. I rue tow calls on those days. Risk my life. I usually show up angry that I am out there because of him. Definitely a HNO GO day. I go ballistic when I see the guy brought a kid(s) with him.
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