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Default Re: Hardcastle Pond New Milford NJ Report 6/8/19

Originally Posted by bulletbob View Post
See those nice size bass???.. Pitch a REAL nightcrawler in front of them on an unweighted hook with the barb mashed down and watch what happens.. Hooked once through the nose so it wiggles.
No bass I have ever seen in my life hasn't nailed a live worm, even when they are staring right at you, and refusing to hit anything else.. Either that or a big live shiner..
its sacrilege to say it these days, but LMB will always hit live bait when they bypass lures... However, PLEASE mash the barb down and let them go after you catch them ... Very easy to clean a small lake of its good size fish with live bait...bob
There's definitely a few 3 - 6 lbers in there. Saw two nice ones over a bed but got spooked as I got near the bank. Bass will eat anything, down south they're known to eat baby gators and snakes in swamps.
It's nice to have a solid spot in bergen county considering most small ponds are filled with too much river dwellers like Carp. (Coopers pond in Bergenfield is a prime example)
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