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Default Re: A cold Susky Trip

Originally Posted by AndyS View Post
The most amazing thing about this post (aside from the fact it only took almost 2 weeks to post) is the Smallmouth bass feeding heavily in damn near 40 degree water !! Is there a warm water discharge that lights these fish up ??
We all know SMB practically shut down in the cold water and here you are slaying them, what up with that.
Nice looking fish all around. When I think of smallies I think cool evenings in June or mid October. Great report Uncle Ken !!
This was all about the guide knowing the river, the fish patterns and what technique would be best. The fish were still in there winter mode due the cold so they were holding up in "deeper" slower water. 5 to 7 feet is deep in that area. We were using small plastics (grubs, stickbaits, etc.) in natural colors on small 1/8 to 1/4 oz jig heads. The wind would not let us go lighter. Just slow drag/bouncing on the bottom was the trick. Braided line with a 6 lb flouro leader was key to detecting bites. I should have put this in my original post...I usually try to let folks know what was working but just forgot to this time.
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