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Default A cold Susky Trip

Late report but just got the pics off my wife's phone and I know how you guys love the porn so I didn't want to disappoint. Calm down I mean the fish porn...you guys are disgusting.

Anyway...Hit the Susquehanna on March 27th and 28th a bit north of Harrisburg. First morning 28 degrees winds 15 to 20 straight up river so no land to give us a break...but at least it was raining a bit! It was chilly to say the least. Guide knew right where to launch to afford us a short run and the fish Gods were with me so the wife started gettin' em pretty good right away...which basically saved my marriage. It would not have been a very conversation filled evening if she had not caught fish in that kind of weather. If we wanted to move we actually had to use the trolling motor to get the boat to float downstream. Man it was kickin out there. Steady pick all day and we ended up with 52 fish...90% Smallies with a few Eyes thrown in. Next morning was 39 degrees, no wind, and no rain...Sweltering in comparison. Decided to hit the same basic area since the fish were there and we again didn't want to run around too much. Morning started slow...yeah right...for about 10 minutes. Then they were on again and we landed over 60 fish that day. That is one awesome river. Great trip all around. And if I don't have the best wife in the world she sure is damn close...really proud of her to tough it out like that. I'm a lucky man I tell ya. If you haven't fished it I highly recommend it. PM me if you want any info. Now the pics to prove it.
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