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Default Re: Fishermans Rally; Wash DC March 21, 2012

Originally Posted by CaptTB
SportfishingUSA........ I beg to differ.

SSFFF proved that the gov'ts science was WRONG on Fluke. The ONLY reason FLuke is rebuilt NOW according to the gov't is because OUR SCIENCE PROVED IT WAS CLOSER TO REBUILT THAN THEY THOUGHT IT WAS.

Otherwise, FLuke would be over 20 percent further from the rebuilding target than it is right now.

But guess what? Fluke is still CLOSED, or closed early, with assinine size limits and ridiculously short seasons because THE SYSTEM THAT MANAGES THE FISHERY IS FLAWED AS MUCH AS THE SCIENCE!!

Science is vital, no question. But, we have reached a stage where all the science in the world cannot override the LAW.

The system has reached a stage where it STIFLES THE TRUTH. It makes the facts IRRELEVANT. One need look no further than fluke, sea bass and porgies. Fisheries rebuilt ABOVE the target, but all closed.

Why? Because the SYSTEM says that is what is needed.

Cure the disease, don't just treat the symptoms. Science has not become less important than it was when SSFFF started what it started, it is still just as important today as it was yesterday.

The difference now is that fixing the system has become as or more important than fixing the science if we wish to continue fishing! The failure of the fisheries management system is now nearly complete in that we can have all the fish in the world but not be able to catch any of them. We were allowed to catch MILLIONS more fish (yes, MILLIONS) when the stocks were considered to be rebuilding, and still allow the stock to rebuild, than we can now that they are rebuilt!

Until the system is fixed all the science in the world will not stop us from being shut out of the very fisheries we helped rebuild, commercial and recreational fishermen alike.

iI am with you and realize this, everything you say is 100% correct, but is going to washington and walking in circles with signs and speaking in front of the house really going to do anything other then put a bunch of people in one spot?

If you can give me 10 high powered elected officials that could promise results, i would be willing to provide my money to that sector.

SSFFF has been good, i cant disagree with that, they did make noise and they did get something good and some results, but thats the only real results i have seen.
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