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Default Re: Fishermans Rally; Wash DC March 21, 2012

Hutch, thanks for taking the time to point out the facts and the logic that is completely missing from jigman's comments.

I respect his right to both have and express his opinions, as I respect everyone's right to have and express an opinion. That does not, however, make his comments any less ignorant of the facts and the real situation.

Having dealt with fisheries issues all of my adult life (and part of my youth) and knowing that his excuses for not getting more involved are just that, EXCUSES, makes me say to him what I say to others that post equally nonsensical comments.

Whatever let's you sleep at night knowing you did nothing to fix the problem.

No more pleasantries, the time for ignorance has passed my friends (and non-friends as well)

Some will say "you catch more flies with sugar..." "don't alienate people from the cause...." Yadda yadda yadda. I cannot alienate someone that is NOT interested in getting involved and is NOT going to help me solve the problem we ALL are facing. One need only read the comments about "pots off the reefs" and "cape may nj" to realize that HE JUST DOES NOT GET IT!

What is the point in arguing over who kills what and who catches what and where we can fish and what our size limit is and "recreational only" nonsense IF WE CANNOT FISH AT ALL???


No fishing allowed means NO FISHING ALLOWED.

We all know (or should) that not every commercial fisherman "rapes" the ocean or "catches all the fish"or any other such nonsense. If someone truly believes that then they should not bother being at the rally for sure.

However, the reality of the situation is that NO ONE will be able to fish for the species they love, be it stripers or fluke or sea bass or porgies or whatever, if something is not done about the system that is currently in place to manage our fisheries.
Plain and simple.

Jigman, and any others who believe as he does, we need your help. You need your help. You need our help. Only together will we ALL be able to keep fishing.

You want to improve the fisheries? So do I. However, what will be the point in improving our fisheries if we cannot fish for them?

Don't believe that "once the stocks are recovered my grandkids will be able to fish.

BULLSHIT! The gov't already concedes that Fluke, Sea Bass and Porgies are rebuilt. Guess how many of those fisheries are currently open.......NONE!!!

Cure the disease, don't just treat the symptoms.

No point in arguing over how you like your eggs cooked if the government is going to take away all the eggs.