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Default Re: Fishermans Rally; Wash DC March 21, 2012

How is occupy wall street and occupy every single city going? absolutely no where.

Sorry to say, i feel strongly for everyone in the position to take it in the rear end when the government and the crooked MSA continues to crunch down on your businesses, trust me, i have a heart and i really do give a shit about it, the problem i see, is that no matter who you talk to, no matter how much you do or donate, you seem to take 4 steps foward and then just jump 6 steps back.

I have personally read and looked over all newsletters, all the associations we are asked to throw money into ,the sad thing i continue to not see is any results.

Everything is based on science and the amount of harvest, until we can get flawless science (which we will probably never see) we are not going to see any change.

I also get a crap load of nasty pms and remarks for my outlook on things, but from my perspective (and my opinion) making this march is not going to accomplish very much, if it does i give mad props to everyone who does it, but just like last year nothing has changed. People continue to dump tons of money in different associations (not throwing names because i dont want to hear the bitchy crying), but it has also seen no results.

maybe i just turn my head and look the other way for my own reasons, but until someone can show me something that has actually been accomplished, then i will keep my quarters in my pocket, if you can show me a few steps in the right direction, prove to me that some of this donating and walking, and giving money to all different places is making a difference, then i will become a big contributor, but until then i just can not justify it by any means.
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