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Old 04-08-2018, 02:51 PM
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Thumbs up 22 1/4 Inch Wild Brown "BREEDER" Trout! 4/8

You canít script fishing at all! You never know whatís going to happen out there and I surely didnít know I would have to jump into the water to land this Brown Trout today! Today was epic!
I saw this fish swipe at my plug around 10:30 this mornIng. I missed her initially but hung in there and went to work on the hole for the next 40 minutes or so. I used every plug in my box to find out all she wanted was a silver and black Rapala!
This fish absolutely smashed the plug in a destructive sort of way! My rod was doubled over and the drag on the little Shimano reel was ripping. Had to jump in the river with no waders and fight this beast for 30 minutes. At this point my Muck boots were filled with water and I was in the water up to my knees with no waders, LOL! She went into an old root system and got stuck. I saw her size and color and knew it was a huge Brown! I said to myself, F&$K IT Iím going in, I canít lose this fish at this point I held the rod with my left hand and ripped out the roots. Somehow she stayed on. I donít know how!!! After she was free she went under another tree and I chased her out of that one. Finally after the most ďEPICĒ Trout battle Iíve had in a while she was landed. This Wild Brown measured 22 1/4 inches, probably 5 lbs. or better, and was safely released after a quick pic session! Holy shit!!! This is a true NJ breeder Brown! You canít make this stuff up! My hands are still shaking!!! TIGHT LINEZ!!! YEA BUDDY!!!

"Go BIG or go HOME"
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