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Default Re: Shoreline fish finder

When I researched the fish finders online got a lot of mixed reviews and their accuracy in shallow water was called into question. Figured I would post something here and see what responses I got back. Was also looking at drones and other remote control boats with lure or bait drop capability which would be able to get me out much further when fishing from the shore line trying to get to deeper water during the summer. Will probably put both ideas on ice for a bit. Ordered the Outcast frame less pontoon boat so if things go well will be able to use that in small lakes and ponds for the early fall and then again in spring next year moving forward. Was looking at the fishing kayaks that were suggested, specifically the old tyme brand, I think, but would be an issue transporting with my little 4 door hatchback so I went with the inflatable as it seemed more reasonable to transport.
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