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Old 03-06-2019, 09:23 PM
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Default Re: nICE fishing MARCHes On....FLAAAAGs..

I will give my theory on putting a good catch together each outing this season....Speaking for my main lake and my cousins lake up the mountain.

I really think up North having what I call "Late" ice does two things....It keeps the (warmer) water temp constant below the ice AND the water is warmer than the years when we get the frigid temps in Dec and Jan either feeding frigid water into the lake or freezing up an reducing the oxygenated water to the main body of water.

We have enough ice to get on the lakes and 35-40 degree temp spikes for a few hours feeding warmer water under the ice.... We definitely experienced some of the better bites well after noontime when the sun has heated the surrounding areas.... The sun is also way stronger in Feb and March.... just awesome.

In the last five years we have had a couple off seasons with 12-16 inches of ice EARLY and brutal cold feeder water for very long duration. The catch during these events were way down. We have caught more fish in this two month LATE season than we have in the last 5 years.

There was one year...maybe four years ago now we could not buy a flag and the shiners were coming up dead after being in the water for 10 minutes. Dead lake syndrome with some fish kill upon ice out.

This season ended up being the perfect chain of events late season for more FLAAAGS !!!!

OH...and the wonder rig works for ice fishing as well....a slight modification but same concept :roll eyes:... definite increase in flag production. Just saying....
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