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Default Re: Taking 17 ft boat offshore question

As pointed out, familiarize yourself with the boat and fuel consumption. And watch VRO oil consumption too. Run the boat and note the times, speeds and distances then fill up. DO this a few times to get a comfort zone. Like running at 3800rpm cruise doing 28 knots and burn 6 gallons per hour. That works out to roughly 28/6 or 4.5 mpg at 3800 under THOSE SEA CONDITIONS & LOADING IN THE BOAT. The Uppercase indicates that will change the mpg you figure on.

Motor have sweet spots that give best MPG's. They public a curve. Most O/B's around 3500 to 3800 rpms max efficiency.

Use the motor tilt not the trim tabs( if you have them) to trim the boat. Trim tabs are parasitic and work by adding or removing drag. While trimming the O/B is way more efficient directing thrust. Trim it right and you may be a few 100 more rpms without touching the throttle. watch the GPS speed react. Too much up trim and the speed will drop. Ideally on plane . . . the boat ride about 5 degrees bow up and the O/B cavitation plate is parallel to the surface.

Rule of thirds on fuel range. 1/3 of tank out. 1/3 of tank back. 1/3 of tank just in case. Get towing insurance. (PM me...... I can get you a free trial membership for 60 days unlimited coverage).

Get a good VHF setup. Get a hi gain antenna to boost weaker reception and have you antenna as high as practical to bost your range. Remember this gadget may save your life. This is not where to save your money.

My guess on that boat and motor is about 4-5 mpg on cruise 3500-4000 rpm's

Weather is always a factor. Of course know wind direction and speed. Direction can tell you in you're in a lee and it's a lot worse than you see dockside. Also an outgoing tide and a wind blowing it back in create waves with no backs. You drop off the wave top HARD.

Experience carries day. And sooner or later you will be in the crap. Read up on the theories and be ready to use it in real life when you need it. And don't be afraid to go slow when you need to. Too many operators will feel the need for speed in tight quarters or running in the slop. You need enough for control. The rest is convenience.

Remember fortune favors the prepared. Your good preps and caution minimize your ever skills being tested.

And on visitors, if it's on the edge of bad conditions DON'T GO. If it turns crappy these people will never come back again. Lessons I learned.

Originally Posted by klark2008 View Post
Recently got a 1994 17 ft proline center console. Has a 115 2 stroke johnson. My question is hiw far offshore do you think is managable on the average day. Have a 30 gallon gas tank. Im interested in all opinions
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