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Old 04-13-2018, 10:53 PM
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Default Ramapo Trout

Hit the Ramapo at a cul de sac in Oakland today. Caught 10 rainbows with the biggest at 19 inches but only kept 3 for the smoker. The guy next to me could not catch a cold so I gave him the ones I was not keeping and he was pretty happy. A guy a little further down the river caught a breeder at around 4-5 lbs. Another guy near me fly fishing was giving the guy shit telling him he should take a picture and release it. While I would have released it as well I think the fly fisherman was a dick. He kept harping on the guy that he should have realeased it. The guy pays for his license and catches a nice fish and it is his prerogative whether or not to keep the fish or release it an nobody should be telling him what to do. Typical pompous fly fisherman.
Anyway, butter worms were the ticket as they wanted nothing to do with worms, mealies, or power bait. The guy next to me who could not catch a thing was using a size 6 hook attached to a swivel with a split shot above it and a worm. I gave him some butter worms to try and he still could not buy a bite. # 12 hook tied direct with a split shot 14 inches above is all it took. Have to keep your presentation as simple and lightweight as possible to give it a natural look. At the end of the two hours the guy finally conceded and said he would switch his set upfront the next time. Letís not start a conservation debate between fly fisherman and bait fisherman. The guy was a dick period!
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