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Default Re: Fishfinder for Kayak

There are portable units that contain the battery, wiring, charger and finder in a carrying case. This could be a nice option rather than buying all the accessories individually required with a mounted unit. That way you can use it in other boats or take it ice fishing! My brother in law has the garmin and likes it.

If you go with a mounted unit some things to consider.

Depending on the unit you might need to get a mounting system (ie Ram Mount).

How are you mounting the transducer? Thru hull or with an arm over the side? Thru hull restricts water temp readings and might affect sonar in certain situations but plenty of guys have success with that setup. I opted for an over the side option. I bought the scotty transducer arm and universal fish finder mount.

For a battery all you need is a small sealed 12v battery (example) and a way to keep it from sliding around in the hull (velcro or battery box).

You will also need to get a battery charger. I use the battery tender jr.

wiring is very straight forward. you will need some female and butt connectors and crimp or solder to the units power wire and install an inline fuse to protect the unit.

as far as units definitely get one that has GPS so you can mark waypoints. you can find some deals on used units on eBay. i use a 10 year old grayscale humminbird 363 and it suits my needs in the yak.

definitely do your research. Tons of info on the web. Good luck
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