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Old 03-15-2019, 01:56 AM
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Default Buying a boat


I am curious of a few topics of buying a boat. Yes I have searched the web and read a ton of feedback across the country on the topic but figured, this is Jersey we are our own class so Iíll take it here. Iím 30 this is a big purchase for me so I could use the help!

1. Iím live upper east side nyc for work but own a home in point pleasant beach from a fishery would it be best to dock my boat for more immediate access in jersey city/bk wherever in the urban nyc / nj area to fish 40 times a year (honest projection) or dock in point and fish 24-28 times a year but those times will be on ground I know very well.

2. Finance or buy, I figured I can buy a boat for $15k-$20k out right or I can finance a new or used boat for monthly payments what a car would cost me. I look at it this way, I go on 8 open boat fluke trips a year, 1500 with tips, maybe 5 party boat trips another $500 with tip. I run a few canyon trips which Iíd give up for a boat so figure another $1500 in open boats. It makes sense now to fish more on boat of my own the pay.

3. Never owned a boat but know like a pro weather charts, fuel ratios , basic mechanics, and basic overhead. Whatís a good beginner boat for $300 monthly payment (excluding docking) or $15-20k (excluding docking)

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