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Default OUPV Medical Certification

I completed all required coursework, sea hours and ancillary certifications for my OUPV last March and now I am on round three with USCG regarding a mitral valve repair in 2015. I have been under Cardio care since and am 6’ 195 lbs with an adjusted BMI of 24. I get an EKG every six month, go to the gym 4 days a week and competed in a Mini-Ironman in Kauai last June. They have made the completion of my OUPV application almost impossible for me through endless requests for additional information. I am on no cardio medication or restrictions. I enjoyed my Captains Class and found the new knowledge very valuable when at the helm. I am more confident offshore and when navigating inshore tafffic. I would have, however, had a better understanding of the difficulty of getting the medical cert through legitimate channels prior to taking the course. I’ve spoken with other captains who told me that there are doctors who specialize in “navigating” you through the beauracracy, however, I’m not sure I’d want to take that risk. Any similar experience or remedies out there?
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