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Old 01-28-2019, 10:11 AM
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Default Re: good day on the cong

Since pretty much everyone and their mother was at State Park might as well join this thread instead of making a new one.

Time frame went like this: 6am about 15 people out, 9am stopped counting at 46 and 11 am got up to 82 people out when I lost track. Whole place looked like pretty much swiss cheese.

Fishing action:
Jigging: Usual suspects - perch, bluegills, pickerel and one very very lonely crappie. Did loose two pimples - one on what I assume would of been a pickerel and second one I am still trying to figure out but based on movement when hooked I would say catfish. Very sluggish and just hugging the bottom. Overall over 100 bluegills, pumpkinseeds and sunnies as wll as about 30 perch landed.

Tip-Ups: Went 6 for 10 on those. 5 pickerel and one bass with biggest pickerel coming in at healthy 25" and close to 3.5lbs (preggo). Bass was barely pushing 15" and still enjoying nice cold waters.

No pictures, phone died pretty much at the start.

Overall good day to be out and enjoy big lake offerings.


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