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Default Re: Trout Bait and Lures

Originally Posted by FASTEDDIE29 View Post
Powerbait in orange and yellow. Butterworms, deadly! Berkeley pink worms, deadly. T-Rig em with a size 10-12 bait holder hook and just enough splitshots to bounce off the bottom. For slower pools you can use a little trout float/ bobber.

Lures! I stick with plugs most of them the time. Original floating Rapala in black and silver and black and gold! Jigs donsome damage as well as trout magnets. Good luck you maniac!!! They should be feeding pretty good by the time you get out there! Please report back and let us know how you do! YEA BUDDY!!!
Thanks Eddie. So I assume when you say t-rig you meant Texas rig but instead pf the bullet weights you use for bass fishing, just put some split shots on.... Do the weights go tight to the hook or a foot or so away?

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