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Default Re: New Message Board Tips and Tricks

Originally Posted by Gerry Zagorski
[SIZE=2][*]Are you interested in following a specific thread? Once in that specific thread click on thread tools and then click on subscribe to this thread. Depending on how you set up you subscription you will be emailed a copy of the thread at intervals which you determine. Daily, weekly or instant, which means you will be notified each time someone responds to that thread… This is particularly useful for sponsors who post open boat trips. Rather then have to return to the board to look for responses you will get an email notifying you
I played with the settings plenty and finally have it the way I want it. I was tired of actually subscribing to every thread I posted on manually so in the settings I found the setting that allows the threads that I post on to notify me...only I don't like all of the emails so I like to only get PM notifications in my own email and I see the threads when I log into this site only.

Agree, plenty of options.
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