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Default great crappie hunting this weekend

started out 7am saturday morning.it was 25 degrees and windy so i found a spot
out of the wind and began casting.1st cast and i get a nice slab and figure i picked a good spot.2nd cast and another nice crappie and then it slowed.i pick and plucked for the next 90 minutes.i then get a call from my son saying he is coming to pick me up in the boat and we are going to try a new area.forty five minutes later we drop anchor and it is a fish-a cast.this cove must have been paved with them as it did not matter what you were using.the best part was we were all alone for hours.we left them biting at 3pm with a good limit of big crappie and headed home.up early on sunday and of we go to the same cove.it started slow with a fish here and there.all of the sudden like someone thru a switch and we were right back in them.the fish were on the small side and you had to weed thru the pups to get the good ones.we fished till 12:30 and again left them biting.we even managed a few trout but let them go.all and all another great weekend fishing the cong with my sons.

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