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Default Re: 3/21 Fishermans Ralley Report

Don't tell the ones supporting us you won't support them if they "can't get it done," tell the ones that WERE NOT EVEN THERE like Cong. Chris Smith and Rush Holt and Sen. Menendez and Sen. Lautenjerk that we won't vote for them unless they DO support us.

Kinda tough for NJ to ask other states to support them when you do not even have a majority of your own reps supporting you!

Go to www.keepfishermenfishing.com and check out the bills (MSA Amendments link) right there is all the information you need, including an up to date list of sponsors of each and every bill.
Don't see your reps name on the list? Call their asses up and tell them support the bill or lose my vote.

THat should be a 1 page no reply sticky here, as that is definetly the best thing that can be said about the whole situation
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