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Default Re: 3/21 Fishermans Ralley Report

Originally Posted by Reelron
Just really feeling down about the whole situation.

While on the bus to DC, I received a text from a friend that I fish with quite a bit, "Good luck at your rally." Sent one back, "Not my rally, OUR rally, unless you have quit fishing and didn't tell me." That kind of sums up the apathy I sense when it comes to many attending these rallies or even the meetings in Toms River.

Still very concerned about the lack of support from most Major industry manufacturers. Are they concerned that if they show support the government will impose higher tariffs on the products they import? If they are not concerned what do they know that we don't?

As for the politicians, I felt that some were just mouthing the same speech they gave 2 years ago. Others did seem like they really care. They tell us we need to push their fellow Senators and Representatives to get on board. Hey you know what, this is why I voted for you to represent me, not the other way around! I feel like the system has turned upside down. At what point do we say "If you can't get the job done , we can't support you in your bid for reelection?" I think this is one point we should make clear to all of them especially the ones running for their first term. But do they really care? How many terms do you have to serve before you can leave with a pension & a nice health plan for you and your family?

Winter Flounder season opens tomorrow, hope all enjoy fishing for those two fish we are allowed to keep.
I understand your concern, but as relates to the congressmen and women you have to realize that even if every single one of them is 100% behind us they still cannot actually do anything on their own.

There are 435 members of the House and 100 members of the senate.

Both houses must vote and pass any legislation, and the couple guys from NJ cannot do that on their own. If you took every coastal state's congressmen and senators you could not pass a bill without additional state reps/senators.

That is the way our system works and that is why continually gaining support is the only way to get legislation passed.

That was the whole point of the second rally. The first one was to get the legislation going, which it did and then some. The second rally was to garner more support to help get the legislation passed. We certainly gained more supporters (read: sponsors of the bills) but it does not end there.

Until we can get a MAJORITY of congress to support us we go nowhere. It starts at home with your U.S. congressman/woman and our U.S. senators from NJ, but then it must grow from there.

Don't tell the ones supporting us you won't support them if they "can't get it done," tell the ones that WERE NOT EVEN THERE like Cong. Chris Smith and Rush Holt and Sen. Menendez and Sen. Lautenjerk that we won't vote for them unless they DO support us.

Kinda tough for NJ to ask other states to support them when you do not even have a majority of your own reps supporting you!

Go to www.keepfishermenfishing.com and check out the bills (MSA Amendments link) right there is all the information you need, including an up to date list of sponsors of each and every bill.
Don't see your reps name on the list? Call their asses up and tell them support the bill or lose my vote.

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