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I still fish off the pier and have been pretty successful this year, so far. Last year they only allowed fishing on the weekend. I fished once. This year, they changed back to everyday, of course, operation permitting. I caught many striper in the spring this year. There have been very large ones caught this year. I haven't been out fluking since I've been on travel. This week and next week I will be hitting the pier.
I am retired Navy, so I have access to the pier and the criteria is, I can sponsor two personnel, but can only take one person out at at time. There's a $50 fee and a background check for the people that are sponsored.
As june181901 explained, it still is an active Navy pier and the only deep water pier on the east coast, so it won't be going away from the Navy anytime soon. It's not like it used to be when it was bustling with sailors trying to get on those Shamrock buses to leave their ships (USS Nitro, USS Butte, USS Seattle, USS Detroit and Suribachi), since the pier was restricted personal cars.

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