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Default Re: 3/21 Fishermans Ralley Report

Originally Posted by RENEGADE
We attended today and as reported the attendance was light. Not sure where most with any interest in fishing could possibly be. If you can take a day off to go fishing why not take a day off to listen to attend and protect your sportfish investment? If not for you maybe your kids? For $10 what a deal. Very sad on the attendance.

Donít worry when NOAA / NMFS shut down the east coast like they have done in the state of California then it will be too late, youíre not getting it back. Trust us its coming and booze cruises and rafting excurses in the back bay on your high powered sportfish's are not going to cut it. Wake up this crap is real and this situation sucks!

Thank you to the RFA, Bogans and Dave at The Reel Seat for organizing all this. Sometimes only 1% can get it done.
Agree.....i'm sure there was some people took off from work today to go fishing, instead of taking off yesterday to support the cause..SAD...