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Default Re: 3/21 Fishermans Ralley Report

Originally Posted by sportfishingusa
I can sit here and send emails threatening each member of congress, house, and my local reps about my vote, but frankly, they dont give a hoot, it is they either care or they dont, there is no in between my friend.
In reality, Politicians (at least many of them...I won't assume it is every single one of them) will care most about whatever gets them in office and subsequently keeps them in office.

If a politician does not support something and believes the bulk of his/her constituency will agree (or at least a majority of those that vote will agree) then he or she has no reason to change their position. Once a politician realizes that their position is an unpopular one they either change their position or lose their seat of power.

There is most certainly an in-between. If there ever was an area of life that was NOT black and white it would be politics. I am surprised you did not know that.

Money is often the driving force in politics not because it is money, but because money gives the ability to gain votes. Not so much with buying votes (although I've no doubt that happens too) but with the ability to campaign and out do the other guy/girl. If group "A" gives money to a politician they will expect their policies/positions to be supported by that politician. In return group "A" will get their members/supporters to support that politician. If group "B" has more members/supporters and they make it known to the politician that he/she will lose those votes if they do not support group "B's" position that is about the only way you can override the money/votes/support of group "A."

This is basic politics, I am surprised you don't understand this.

I dont want to see shut downs, i dont want to see the industry hurt, i have a ton of friends in the industry, but unfortunately there is really nothing that this rally is doing.
Politicians will not likely support a position that does not have popular support. Again, we are back to "which position gets me the most support/votes?"

The first Rally was designed to get political support for certain positions and translate them into legislation. That happened, especially as evidenced by the expansion of legislation introduced AFTER the first rally aimed at specific issues in fisheries.

The second rally sought to increase the level of legislative support so as to move that legislation towards adoption. This also happened, at least to some degree, as evidenced by the increased legislators that came out publicly in favor of those pieces of legislation.

By having fewer people in attendance it hurts the ability to convince even more legislators that this is what the millions (or a large part of the millions) of anglers in the US wants. That is how poor attendance can subvert the goals of a rally such as the one that took place yesterday.

The areas are still being closed, the west coast still took a beating, florida still lost grouper and reds and it is just on and on and on..
Of course, only a fool would think that everything will either go their way or it won't. Again with this black and white view of the world. Convenient, but hardly realistic. If you lose 50% of the time you still won the other 50%. If you win 90% of the time you will still lose the other 10% of the time. Does that mean it was better to not try and win at all because you did not get every single thing you wanted?

You ignore (or conveniently forgot to mention) the closures that were stopped, the fisheries that were kept open (but were threatened with further restrictions or closures) etc.

I have yet to meet the person or group that wins 100% of what they want 100% of the time. Let me know when you find that group or person.

The government is more powerful than every single fisherman in the world, and unless they are on our side from the start, my thoughts are we continue to pee pee in the 50kt winds!!!!
The government is on the "side" that will get them re-elected. If you cannot prove you have the numbers then you will lose. Not showing up helps show a lack of interest (read: a lack of numbers)

like i said, i will send emails and i sign petitions as needed, but i see no need to go listen to a bunch of politically driven POS talk on a stage that want nothing but to see their numbers increase in the national or local level poll numbers. Unfortunately, thats all they are doing.
It is not about listening to them, you obviously do not understand this very well. Let me try to explain. If they are going to come out publicly saying they support our position then it is likely because they realize that if they do not they may pay the consequences come election time. When they come to speak it is to affirm the fact that they know that we know where they stand.

You are not there to listen to them, you are there to make sure that they have been listening to us.

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