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Default Re: 3/21 Fishermans Ralley Report

Originally Posted by sportfishingusa
Well ol pedro, it seems that by sitting on the sidelines and making my comments is getting just about as much done as closing down business and taking a 4 hour ride to washington.. I can sit here and send emails threatening each member of congress, house, and my local reps about my vote, but frankly, they dont give a hoot, it is they either care or they dont, there is no in between my friend.

I dont want to see shut downs, i dont want to see the industry hurt, i have a ton of friends in the industry, but unfortunately there is really nothing that this rally is doing. The areas are still being closed, the west coast still took a beating, florida still lost grouper and reds and it is just on and on and on.. The government is more powerful than every single fisherman in the world, and unless they are on our side from the start, my thoughts are we continue to pee pee in the 50kt winds!!!!

like i said, i will send emails and i sign petitions as needed, but i see no need to go listen to a bunch of politically driven POS talk on a stage that want nothing but to see their numbers increase in the national or local level poll numbers. Unfortunately, thats all they are doing.

Everyone is entitiled to their opions on this situation, i stress mine a lot because im sick of the bullshit about all these guys giving me crap about not going, not being helpful, how your not a good person if you dont do your part... Well sorry to say, whoever went and did their so=called "part" did nothing but take a vacation day, close down shop, and walk around in washington HOPING FOR CHANGE.. People hoped for change with obama, all you got was a damn waste of time and downward spiral of the country.

I hope things can start to go in favor one day, but i also have my reservations on "bad science" so ill keep that to myself as well.

The reasons areas are being CLOSED and all the losses going on in the fishing communities is to many are taking YOUR example and sitting on their ass doing nothing until its too late..

If people got more involved there might be something for the children of tomorrow to fish for, the way its going the only fishing they will see will be paintings on the wall from years gone by.

Very simple, we all know that the only way polititions really take a stand is either money or votes.
sitting home did nothing for either of them.

Visual stimulas def goes way further than sending emails that will probably not be read or answered , or if answered are from an aid of the rep you sent it to.

Show up with 10000 people or more draws media attention , and the attention of other states senators about what is going on outside their state.

Think about it unless someone puts it in front of them , do you think guys in Ohio , Iowa or Montana give a hoot about the ocean fishery we have here. No but put it front page and they may actually help a senatore here in favor of something they need out there.

each person who could have gone( and I understand some couldnt) that didnt just put another nail in the fishermans coffin instead of helping keep them alive.
So dont sit back now and make exuses and say oh I have friends in the business and dont want to see them hurt,
If thats what you consider a friend im glad mine our different as they try to help you out instead of watching you go down.

and you know why hope and change hasnt worked in the USA,
because guys sat at home letting an INCOMPETANT president run us into the ground after putting thier faith in the wrong person.

Sitting home now leaving NOAA do the same thing with our fisheries is the same thing, as they are just as incompetant.
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