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Default Re: Fishermans Rally; Wash DC March 21, 2012

Originally Posted by jigman90
So another Rally were Recreational Fisherman waste there money to go to D.C. and walk hand in Hand with Commercial guys who are rapeing our waters, killing off the bunker and have there pots on the reefs that Recreational Fisherman paid for! I just read a artical in a certain weekly fishing rag there is a good article in there written by Bill Figley "responce to pots off the reefs"
instead of spending your money and time to go to D.C. you should use your time and money to protest at the front of the NJ Assembly or the office of the guy holding up the bill to get the pots off of the reefs! His name is Nelson Albano from were else !! Cape May N.J.!! Mr. Nelson is a assemblyman and chairs the Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee.
My pet peave is all the bunker reduction boats killing all the bunker I did some looking into all the uses of bunker when i was checking for a new dog food for my new Lab and bunker kept coming up! bunker is used in everything and it needs to stop! but it is big money and big money for our poiticaions who get large sums of money to turn there head the other way when it comes time to vote one commercial bunker regulations!

I didnt walk last time and wouldn't walk this time I give my money to people that are helping to save our recreation fishing!

I'm probably going to get some flack for this responce but think about it before you comment its time to say its "us against the commercial guys" think of all the money and jobs recreational fisherman bring to N.J.!!
hard to give you flack when most of your points are very valid.
Main problem is there is ALOT more going on where we are going to get the short end of the stick.
If catch shares goes through you can be sure our recreational days are numbered.
Right now it is important to fight to maintain the fisheries we both are utilizing, while also continuing to fight in other areas for our recreational purposes.

If 1/10 of the recs would show up at a funtion like this we would have a bigger voice. Problem is most recs wont reach into their pockets for a buck where commercial guys throw thousands in.

At least they are trying to do something to stop the government from taking away even more of the little we have left.

sometimes you have to bend in order to help your own cause
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