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Old 04-23-2019, 10:49 AM
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Default Re: 24v hookup

You have two 12vdc batteries but that battery switch allows both batteries to be paralleled. When the switch is on BOTH electrically it looks like one battery 12vdc.

If space or cost is a concern add one 12vdc battery and place it in series with one of your existing batteries. Other wise this two new deep cycle 12vdc in series. Make sure the negative is tied to boat ground and dynaplate in contact with the water. If not your own generated electrolysis will begin to destroy your own boat's metal parts in the water.

Series connection is simple on 3rd battery POS goes to new motor. New battery NEG goes to POS on existing battery. And then run a new line from motor to NEG of that battery NEG you just hooked up to the new battery to make 24VDC..

Fuse it and have a shot off switch.

Use marine grade wire- my guess AWG #6. You should not use house construction wire because the copper strands inside are MUCH MUCH thicker than marine grade. That means marine grade is flexible like jumper cables. And house construction wire like THHM or THHW is like a coat hanger stiff.

Any questions PM me. I'm also a license electrician NJ Lic #7417.
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