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Default Re: N.J. vs PA trout:

Originally Posted by Dave B. View Post
NJ, a smaller one of countless caught over the years, including one a few inches longer caught 2 weeks after this one not very far away in the same stream. Of course I catch many similar sized fish in both NY and PA so there's really no competition. About the only difference is the wild ones from the upper D and branches. You simply can't compare a 25 inch wild brown or 'bow to even a long-term holdover for fight, although some of the Kamloops strain 'bows that various clubs and groups stock from the Musky Trout Hatchery into several NJ waters will give a very close battle to the wild upper D 'bows.
I'm not to sure about that many big bows I've taken have really fought hard , only a couple are slugs that I can remember ! I use to,own a resort on the upper D and many decent Browns I've taken in those waters did out fight my local big fish .
Pound for pound it's very close when u catch both in optimum water temps , I've taken many kamloops / Donaldson in NJ when NJ first stocked them in Spruce Run up to 20"'s or so . Not sure if there both same species
These local fish did not out fight my big bows at all , yet the ones I took in BC , these were tougher but a small one was about 5#'s !
These are my observations and I target big trout all the time .
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