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Old 12-19-2013, 06:53 PM
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Default Re: MAFMC- Summer Flounder-Sea Bass-Scup

I would like to Thank all the "Ghost"boats that were fishing by the thousands in June, July and August, for taking all those Fluke.
Pretty amazing seeing how our Harbor wasn't ready for boats until Mid August. The local area's, Bay, Knoll, Reach, Ambrose out to Scotland looked like a dessert on a daily bases, the stocks were fine last year, now there not? This crap is getting old, same shit every year yet we will all sit on the computer and piss and moan then, take it, as usual.

No Flounder, No Weakfish, No Sea Bass, and only Stripers to fish for in the Spring, another brilliant move putting that much pressure on one species. 2015 will be down to 1 Striped Bass.

Sure hope those Whales that have been showing up the past couple years don't go away!!!! Oh wait, maybe they will pass a law that you can't come within 3 miles of them also. Just great..........Merry Christmas.
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