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Default Re: MAFMC- Summer Flounder-Sea Bass-Scup

Make no mistake about it, this is the result of "Big Government". More laws, more restrictions to protect us from ourselves because the American Public can't be trusted with these decisions

The government wants to control everything because:
- They want the power which puts them in a position to grant political favors
- They want us to be dependent on them for everything which gives them even more power

Even if you believe the statements made above are Fear Mongering ask yourself this question... Do you think the Government does a good job managing anything we've entrusted them with? Not only do they lack the talent but their thought process in regulating things have political motivations. It goes to the highest bidder or who has the clout to get them reelected... A vicious circle where individuals and small businesses who are of little value to them get left out in the cold.

The only sensible thing for individuals and small businesses to do is band together in a group to wield more clout. Supporting and getting involved in groups like the RFA, SSFFF and JCAA is the only shot we have to be players in the circle. Although you might not agree on some smaller things within these groups, you need to look at the bigger picture since one thing we all have in common is protecting our rights to fish.

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