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Old 12-19-2013, 07:49 AM
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Default Re: MAFMC- Summer Flounder-Sea Bass-Scup

This essentially wipes out quite a bit of time for the charter/party boat business. The times of year when you would fish solely for sea bass (May and September), will meat fishermen go for 15 fish? Or how about the fluke sharpies in the July and August time, going for 4?

There are times in the season when they overlap and a combo trip with a half-day of sea bass and a half-day of fluke could create double limits.

But now, there's the slippery slope of adding pressure to striped bass, especially the big ones, in the late spring and early summer. It's already tough enough to find something to fish for in October, unless you like C&R togging.

I don't get it... if limits of a certain fish are being routinely met like sea bass, wouldn't that mean that it is rebuilt and the stock is in good shape, not that restrictions need to be tighter?
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