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Default Sharing NJfishing.com Posts on Facebook

Have you ever wanted to share some of the posts that you or others have made on NJfishing.com to your Facebook page?? Well, if you haven't noticed, the message board has a great feature to allow you to do this.

Simply go to the post on NJfishing.com you want to share on Facebook.... At the very top of the page, you will see some share buttons.... Click on the Blue F.

This will open up a Facebook interface. If you are logged into Facebook, it will take you directly into your Facebook account. If not, you will need to log in and you'll get a screen which will automatically places the link from NJfishing.com's message board into a Facebook post.

Simply type in a message and click on share and it will post it on you Facebook page for you.

This is a great way for you to take any of the posts you or others have made and share them with your Facebook community.

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