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Ttmako 01-12-2014 07:50 PM

Re: MAFMC- Summer Flounder-Sea Bass-Scup

Originally Posted by TAGGED FISH (Post 339448)
Everyone needs to grow a set of balls. . Tell them we are tired of their bogus data an regulations that make no sense in anyone's mind. They say stocks are rebuilt but want more regs. Wtf...Fish were over fished in this area. By who ? Where were the boats that over fished them ? Who dreams this sht up.. Rules are great if they are within the realm of sanity... let us go home with a fresh fish dinner. Let a kid take a fish home to show mom .. thats not asking for much.
If not than everyone should make a stand an say . Im taking dinner home regardless of what you say. Im going fishing regardless of when they think the season should be open or closed. If we keep bending over an just taking taking this. They will keep pushing for the end of fishing...
Make it fair or break out the dexter russell.

I agree with this. I'm going to toms river tomorrow and hopefully say something similar to this. It's complete BS!

Detour66 01-14-2014 12:48 PM

Re: 2014 Pending Fishing Regulations Master Thread
These new regulations are ridiculous and have no basis in realty! The truth is they want the fish all for themselves. If it continues like this we are looking at a end of a era. Very sad indeed! They don't realize the money they will lose in cash spent on rec fishing which adds up to millions if not billions will be lost! But all they seem to be concerned with is the commercial end of the business and supplying fish to super markets and restaurants. Have you seen the price of "fresh fish" lately? It has gone through the roof. If you don't think this has anything to do with it you might want to reconsider that. The oceans are paved with gold.... and the are called fish! And they don't want you to have them! Follow the money trail and there lies your answer, good luck! :mad:

AndyS 01-17-2014 12:15 AM

Re: 2014 Pending Fishing Regulations Master Thread
........but you will lay down like a door mat for the Saltwater Registry, go figure ?

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