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How do I get pictures on my posts?
The first thing you need to know is that NJfishing.com will only allow the posting of pictures that are under 250KB in size. That means depending on your camera settings when you took the picture, you may need to re size the photo before attempting to attach it to your post. You can typically accomplish this by using the computer software that came with your camera or by going to a site like www.shrinkpictures.com - Make a post as you normally would... Once you have typed your message go down towards the bottom of the page and click on "Manage Attachments" - This is going to open another small window and you will see at the top " Upload File From Your Computer" and there will be an empty white box with a "Browse" button next to it. - Click on the "Browse" button and it will open to a view of the files on your computer. Click on the file that contains your photos. On most people's computer, all the pictures are stored in a "My Pictures" folder but your particuilar computer could be set up differently. - Find the specific picture you want to upload and double left click on it... This will populate the pictures file location in the white box and take you back to the window where you first clicked on browse and then click on "Upload" - This will upload the picture file to your post when you submit your post

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