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12-04-2011, 02:46 PM
Please don't remove this as this gentleman needs to address these questions I am asking thanks! :)

Can you please enlighten all the Tautog fisherman as to how long you have been fishing for them, and what exactly makes you an authority on them?

You have posted the same crap on many fishing boards, this to be exact-

If you study the fecundity of Tautog, you will find that the most productive spawners are the 16-18" fish. Studies have shown that the big "breeders" really aren't so much. Now someone can tell me how to tell an 18" male from female, in November, they are better than I.

I am Chair of the ASMFC Tautog Advisory Panel since 1994, and Current Chair of NJMFC Tautog Committee, so I have more than a casual interest in these fish.

Ummm you do realize that what you are stating defies the laws of nature, don't you? I mean an 18 inch female will probably lay between 160,000-190,000 eggs where as a big female of say 10lbs and 24 inches laying between 500,000-600,000 eggs, and you stand by this idiotic position in stating less is more?

You are talking numbers and in the numbers c=game the more the merrier in regards to eggs. The more eggs laid mean the more eggs that will survive...

Please answer with your name sir not Pddmd, hiding behind an alias only makes you shady...