View Full Version : An Early THANK YOU!

02-05-2010, 07:53 AM
I want to thank the many generous people who have made donations recently to cover the cost of others who wish to go to the Rally in DC.

Many of you have expressed your support of our efforts and as a result of you not being able to go have either sent in additional donations from ones you have done in the past or have sent in money to cover the cost of others who might wish to go but cannot due to finances (we all have finance issues right now to be sure!)

While my thanks to those who are going cannot be expressed enough, my equal thanks goes to those who cannot but are helping in any way they can, be it spreading the word, sending in donations, offering to help with printing, etc.

This is why I know this will be a success, because of those of you who make the effort to do what you can, when you can, regardless of whether or not you can actually be there or can even afford it. Just spreading the word is a HUGE help!

Thank you, and those of you that are going I will see you there, those of you who could not go I will make damn sure your support and generosity is mentioned, even if I have to grab the mic myself while we are there. Those of you who are going but have not bought tickets, I will ask again that you please do not wait till the last minute. We need to start giving head counts to the DC Capitol Police for our permit requirements and we need to give commitments to the bus companies for how many buses.

Time is running short, please do not wait till the last minute because we will, at some point prior to the rally, have to shut down the ticket sales so we do not get stuck with a bus with only a handful of people. I do not wish to let a few people know that we had to cancel a bus.

02-05-2010, 10:42 AM

It should be the other way around.Thank You. Your involvement is above and beyond. You don't even own a party boat, are you afraid if all fishing stops other people will push into the riverboat business.

All kidding aside, since the inception of SSFFF, I have gotten to know you, and I appreciate what you are doing. I also am at a loss that over the past couple of years very few others have stepped up to the plate. They think someone else will do it so why should I. All you I's now is the time to get involved and help Tony and the others make a difference!!!

02-05-2010, 01:23 PM
No thanks are needed. I am not doing this for recognition or for thanks I am doing this to preserve the right of the FISHERMAN. Thats it.

Honestly there are a lot of other things I would prefer to do than sit on a bus full of guys for a few hours to ride down to DC and stand outside and then ride back in a bus, BUT honestly their are no other group of guys I would rather do this with. Everyone who took the time to get on that bus have passion/dedication and those are the ones that will speak up and make the difference. I am looking forward to leaving my house at 3AM to make the bus.