View Full Version : David vs Goliath 2009

11-24-2009, 06:58 PM
In reality SSFFF, RFA, United Boatman and all recreational fisherman vs
MRFSS fatally flawed data collection methods. The fight was started many years ago with the advent of size and bag limits. Goliath kept squeezing, while David did nothing until it was almost too late. But before all fisheries are shut down David has awakened. He is now gaining strength (Dr. Maunder and others) found some stones (Correct science) and have started to bruise Goliath.

Goliath got so angry he proceeded to take his wrath out on all fisherman (recreational and commercial). Not just on Summer Flounder but has now included , Winter Flounder, Black Sea Bass, Blackfish, Weakfish, Scup, and even has taken to protecting the endangered Spiny Dogfish.

Now to get real, SSFFF is having an emergency meeting on Tuesday Dec. 1 @ 7 PM at the Manasquan Elks hall. All of our participation is necessary. We need to show Goliath that we have had enough. We all need to learn what the problems are, and how we can help correct this runaway train. Learn what has been accomplished, what is in process and what still needs to be started in order for us to defeat MRFSS. It is not just for this year or next, this will make a difference for our children and grandchildresn.

Meeting is open to all, come listen, learn, ask questions and help support our cause. All support goes directly into hiring the best possible Scientists possible. Hopefully with this support we can find the rocks so that Goliath listens and responds to changes based on correct up to date science.