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10-19-2009, 11:33 AM
Just a quick update on some things in the works but please keep in mind that any/ all ideas of these type take a lot of time, energy and dedication to get the "details" ironed out: Those involved have jobs (if they are lucky), families etc and volunteer their time.

1) Shrimpman Steve TOG Benefit. Steve will post details as they become available. Sounds great:D .

2) I am Working with Bill (reelnauti) on a "superpool" fundraiser for the RFA Legal Fund where "raffle" tickets would be sold on multiple PB's / charter boats for a drawing to be held and results / winners posted on the RFA website. We are trying to pick a date near or around the increase in Blackfishing Limits. Again more details to follow soon. Great Idea BILL!! Any Captains/ Boats interested please PM myself or Bill.

3) Talking with Capt Adam (Karen Ann) and Capt Tony about larger scale meetings:
A) Capt Adam is working with / for the RFA on a meeting for a new NJ RFA
Chapter. Meeting possible by end of the month but NOT confirmed yet. Anyone interested in being directly involved with a local RFA Chapter or attending the meeting please post your interest level or send PM.
B) Another meeting with Tony Bogan is in discussion but its possible that this forum could serve the same purpose. You see Tony has no issue creating posts or answering comments/ questions but realize again its time consuming so appreciate it.

4) Talking with Capt Jerry (Fish Monger) on some MONGER apparel sale, sweatshirts / Tees , hats etc etc. Looking for more boats / charters to get involved. Maybe a winter fleamarket type thing.

5) 2nd Annual SSFFF Fundraiser Trip OR 1st Annual Fall SSFFF trip. ( (may have to highjack Joe Longo's NJ Fishing Trip! :) Starting to gather information.

Any other ideas??

Capt. Jerry P
10-19-2009, 11:45 AM

Great post!!!

Would love to see more Party and Charter boat guys(i know alot are behind the scenes) as well as Anglers get involved...What ever you can do is better than nothing!!!

I figure any money that is raised for the fishermans cause is a great idea... Some Will Work out others may not however it all bring good attention for what everyone is fighting for!

Get involved and support the groups that are fighting for you... RFA and SSFFF will always need help!

As always Big Thanks To Capt Tony who always take the extra time to keep us informed as well as answer alot of questions with facts which often clears up much of the confusion!

Please keep me posted on any future meetings or such!!!


10-19-2009, 12:37 PM
Dave I go to some of the Flea Markets, let me know what help you need. If its a piece of my table,for posters,membership applications,donation forms.

CaptTB I will be down at the dock for the Paramount trip Wednesday I see you if you are there.